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A Giant Leap in Fundraising
SafeLaunch (SFEX) is a decentralised venture capital community which gives the most promising early stage projects the spotlight, support & investment they need to shine.
SafeLaunch combines a launchpad, research-backed project incubator, liquidity mining platform, and world-class advisory team to fix the problems in today's fundraising landscape.

For Investors: Gain fair access to first-class investment opportunities

Today's fundraising landscape is unfair Access to the best private sale projects is often restricted to those with deep pockets or the right connections.
Blockchain technologies are rapidly accelerating The flood of new projects make it difficult to unearth the ones most deserving of the spotlight.
The SafeLaunch research team does the hard work required to select the projects most worthy of investment along with the screening, auditing and due dilligence required to ensure investors can participate with confidence.

For Projects: Support your innovation

Launching projects is hard From audits to marketing to fundraising to finding the right connections - the myriad of things projects need to do in addition to building their product is a substantial and confusing hurdle.
With an in-house team of experienced developers, advisors and a vast array of contacts in the industry, SafeLaunch allows projects to focus on what they do best: building impactful, innovative products.
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