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Key Features

Safe Launch
Safe Launch, combines yield farming, project incubation and a venture capital community all on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Key Features
  • Incubator launchpad
  • Yield Farming
  • Protection of Investors
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Private Allocations
  • Instant Usecase
Project Components
SafeLaunch is one of the first research-backed project incubator launchpads. The platform offers SFEX token holders the opportunity to participate in IDOs as well as private & seed fundraising rounds for promising projects.
Incubator Launchpad:
SafeLaunch will incubate projects helping them with everything they need to succeed pre- and post-IDO. This includes marketing and audits from top auditors in the industry such as Certik.
A thorough vetting process of the listed projects helps inform our investors and give them confidence. This includes KYC, audits, locking liquidity with partners. SafeLaunch will provide listed projects with access to thier vast array of contacts and those of the advisory team, so they are not left behind even when the launchpad event is concluded. SafeLaunch aims to maximise project success which also maximises investors' returns.
Protection of Investors:
As the DeFi market continues to blossom, we’ve witnessed varying degrees of rug pull events, many of which have left the investing community in distress. At Safe Launch, investors are offered thoroughly vetted projects which reduces the chances of scams or rug pull events happening.
The platform hopes to restore the confidence level of users as it works towards ensuring quality over quantity.
Private Allocation:
Not only will the platform allow users to take part in launchpad events, but it also will provide token holders with access to private & seed fundraising rounds. These exclusive rounds have historically been restricted to those with deep pockets and/or the right connections.
To reward the biggest token holders, the team will hold private allocation rounds for projects that may not launch on the Safe Launch platform but are cross-chain.
Instant Usecase:
Instead of waiting for projects to launch their products long after the conclusion of token sales, it often means waiting until the mainnet launch of such a platform. At Safe Launch, the process is different.
Each project launched on the launchpad will have access to liquidity farming providing greater liquidity for projects and more leverage start or continuing building on their platform. This will provide a tremendous advantage over the competition and offer a win-win situation or all.
Yield Farming:
As part of the project goals, Yield Farming will be live alongside the IDO launchpad to provide token holders passive income earning means.