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SafePad - IDO & Incubation

Launchpad for Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs)


Hold SFEX tokens to gain access to the initial dex offerings (IDOs) of promising projects. Holding more SFEX gives you a larger allocation into each IDO.
The SafeLaunch research and advisory team screens all projects before they are accepted. We facilitate the auditing process and provide our own due dilligence so that investors can have confidence the ventures offered are trustworthy.
Being on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) means the transaction fees you pay are tiny (a few cents) compared to traditional networks like Ethereum. However, being on the BSC does not mean you're limited to BSC-only projects. We allow any promising projects to submit an application even if they are not on BSC.


SafePad, our IDO platform, accepts applications from promising projects. In addition to raising liquidity, accepted projects will gain access to the necessary support needed to shine. From general counsel, to audits, to marketing, to access to the right people - the SafeLaunch team & advisory board gives projects the help required so that they can focus on building outstanding products.

LaunchPad Tiers

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Previous LaunchPad Projects

Xion Global