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SafeAlloc - Private Deals

Private and seed round deals
SafeAlloc is the venture capital arm of SafeLaunch. It allows SFEX token holders to invest in the private and seed rounds of early-stage crypto projects. This provides funding to the project and allows investors to buy into projects before their public release.
Fairness Private and seed investing has thus far been restricted to a select few and often require significant capital. SafeLaunch brings fairness to this process by offering these highly sought-after opportunities to its token holders and reduces the minimum capital required.
Research The SafeLaunch research team ensures that only the best projects are selected and does the due diligence required to give investors confidence.
Maximising investor returns SafeLaunch is not 'yet another launchpad': we help projects on their journey to success.
Projects chosen for SafeAlloc will have our advisory team and network of contacts at their disposal every step of the way. We're here to ensure selected projects get the advice, counsel, technical support and introductions required to maximise their success and the success of investors.
Community SFEX holders gain access to a private Discord server to discuss deals with like-minded investors. In the future we plan to allow OTC deals between community members. All deals will incur a 10% fee.
Cross-Chain Projects selected by SafeLaunch are not just limited to the BSC and Ethereum networks. We're actively developing cross-chain compatibility and do not limit our research to just one or two chains.